A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Soulmancer is a wave based shooter. Tackle hordes of chromatic goblins with different coloured spell attacks and abilities, finish levels to gain gold to upgrade your abilities and stats, and try to get the highest score each level by completing bonus objectives, ending the level quickly, or by having a high combo score, whilst trying to save the town and keep your totems alive.

This is our first full project after finishing college, a short but replayable wave based shooter with abilities and a few other mechanics. The game is primarily driven by mouse and keyboard but it does work with controllers to some extent (you will still have to use the mouse for menus, and controlling the in-game cursor is not ideal).

Ultimately we hope you enjoy our game. Feel free to leave us comments about feedback on things you liked or didn't like, or get in touch with us. This was a relatively small first project to get us off the ground so expect bigger things from us in the future!


Savepoint Studios.

Install instructions

There are PC, Mac, and Linux dowloadable versions of the game available for download. Simply extract the zipped folders after downloading to play the game for your applicable system and keep any downloaded files in the same folder if you plan to move it. Then, for example on Windows,  just run the Soulmancer.exe on to play. 

Also keep in mind while you can play the actual game with a controller, for the main menu and pause menus you will still need a mouse. The game was also designed with keyboard and mouse in mind so it plays better with them.


Soulmancer_PC.zip 117 MB
Soulmancer_Mac.app.zip 121 MB
Soulmancer_Linux.zip 124 MB

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